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So it has already been two weeks here in Thailand. I arrived on a Tuesday to Phuket where I was supposed to stay for at least a month or so. The island was really beautiful with all the beaches and so on but to be honest I just couldn’t make myself comfortable there. The first gym I visited was Phuket Fight Club. A gym with many good Brazilian and Thai fighters. The reason I wanted to visit this gym was that their head trainer is Brazilian. I was really interested to see how a foreign trainer has managed to train fighters to compete on the highest level in Thailand. The second gym I visited was Sinbi Muaythai. The facilities were great and there were a lot of trainers instructing us. But this gym was too commercial and big for me. Being the only foreign fighter at the time was just not ideal for me. 

So both gyms I visited felt like they didn’t suit my needs. What should I do? I know that it takes time to adjust gyms training routine and to get accepted by the fighters and trainers. But neither of these two gyms felt like the right place for me. And to be honest, the whole Phuket Island wasn’t what I expected. I somehow felt lonely there.

Phuket with all the beautiful beaches.

So I decided to come back, where I felt like my home gym since the first training, to Fa Group in Bangkok. Now I have done one full training week here and I am so happy with my decision coming back here. My original plan was to spend a month or so somewhere else first but I believe I made the right choice. 

I am proud of my effort and I really enjoy to train full time, not having to worry about anything else than showing up for the training sessions. I believe I will fight soon but there isn’t anything booked yet. But as it goes here in Thailand, the fight offers can come with very short notice.

Padwork with Kru Ta. At Fa Group, Bangkok. The gym really focuses on knees, which suits me perfectly.

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