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I am Krasti, a regular 21 year old finnish boy with an unusual big passion for Thaiboxing. I started Muaythai as 14 years old when I where in need of variety to football and ice hockey, sports that I had been playing my whole childhood. It didnt take long for me to realise that muay thai was a sport for me. After a few months of training i decided to quit the other sports and focus on Thaiboxing.

I train in Helsinki Thaiboxing Club and Espoo Thaiboxing Club aswell. In Espoo I also function as a trainer. I like to combine my own training with coaching and I find it very useful for my own development as a fighter. I like to teach the techniques I am working on myself. In that way I have to dig deeper in the techniques and find the reasons why you should do it in a certain way. I also learn a lot while teaching when I get interesting questions and suggestions from the students how something can be done. So far the combination of training and teaching have been great and I feel like I have developed in both areas.

I will use this website to post about fight news, videos and all kind of thoughts. I been living in Thailand for four months this year and I will travel there again in the end of January. I believe this website will be a good way to keep myself in touch with the other world. Last time i realized that the life in Thailand is really different, and it would be worth capturing it. The majority of the people you will meet is really passionate about the sport and there are many who travels there for the same reasons as I do.

By writing down and film my experiences I will give other people the chance to see how it is to live in Thailand. How it is to train fulltime and be around thaiboxing all the time. I deeply enjoy an environment like this, where you are capable to do what you love.

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