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Champions Fight Night 30.11.2019 Halmstad, Sweden


2 weeks before the fight

Few days ago I finally saw my fight poster. Now I can be sure that the fight is actually happening. Nowadays, after gotten disappointed a few times, I realized that only after I see my face on the poster, I can be certain the fight is really happening. Of course I have been preparing myself for this one for a long time.  But now I know this long preparation will be rewarded in two weeks.

The outcome of my last fight wasn’t what I expected and what I prepared for. I’ve gone through the reasons why it went as it went. It is necessary to do it as an athlete. To go through your emotions before/ during and after your performance. Was the outcome what you expected? Did I perform as good as I’ve been preparing myself? What could I have done better?

No matter how well I performed, the last question always pops in my mind after the fight. And I know there is always something to improve. I still have a long way to go.


One day before the fight

Right now I am waiting for my trainer Petri at the airport. It will be an exhausting day with all the travelling. First we will fly from Helsinki to Copenhagen and from there we have a two hour train ride to Halmstad. My weight was 1,5 kgs over so it means I won’t be eating that much today before the weight in this evening. This week I have been focusing on keeping myself explosive and not to exhaust myself too much. And to be honest, I feel amazing. I know I am ready for this fight. I know I will be better than my opponent tomorrow. How do I know it? I just do. 


Photos: Roger Larsson

Post fight thoughts

It is all over now, the hard work has been rewarded. Once again a perfect reminder to myself why I am doing this. Why I keep training even though sometimes it feels like there is no point sacrificing everything for this. But the “point” showed its beautiful face yesterday, once again. 

My opponent was the home town guy with a big crowd cheering at him. Little did the crowd know, that it really turned my fight spirit on. “The cheering won’t save him” I told myself right before I stepped in the ring with a smile on my face. The fight itself was a fun one. The crowd cheering at my opponent, giving me the energy I needed. It felt like I controlled the fight in every situation. Petri told me before the fight to use my front kick and I succeeded with it. Almost every front kick landed and I managed to keep the fight in my pace. I counter attacked very well and landed some huge knees also. Compared to my last fight, I managed to be more relaxed before and during the fight. My opponent has been fighting for belts and has won some medals in IFMA national championships. So this was a good opportunity for me to show everyone my level. 

So the big question, What could I have done better? To be honest, there wasn’t any big mistakes. Of course small adjustments can always be done, but in general it was a good performance from me and I am really pleased with myself. I listened to my coach’s advices and sticked to the game plan very well. It is not usual for me to be satisfied with my performance but now I really am.


This seems to be my last fight this year. Of course if I will receive a good fight offer this month I will accept it. But what a year it has been so far! 11 fights, 9 wins and 2 losses. I fought in 4 different countries (Denmark, Thailand, Sweden and Finland), trained in Thailand for four months, made new lifelong friends through thaiboxing and most importantly I’ve improved a lot this year and not only in the sport but also as a human. This was a good ending for this year’s fights and I am looking forward what 2020 has for me. 



Photo: Roger Larsson

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